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Climbing Mount Batur Without a Guide

Climb Mount Batur without a guide. Mount Batur is an active volcano located in Batur village, Kintamani, Bali. This mountain, which has a height of approximately 1717 meters above sea level, is very famous among both international and domestic tourists. Usually, mountain climbing activities are done in the early morning to see the sunrise.

Climbing Mount Batur Kintamani in Bali is the most popular experience that you should not miss if you are on this island of the gods. You can get an epic view of the sunrise on the island of Bali by climbing this mountain. We provide various packages for Mount Batur tour price and climbing Mount Batur, which you can choose according to your budget and needs.

Mount Batur Trekking: Suitable for Beginners

This mountain-climbing terrain can be said to be quite easy. Climbing Mount Batur can be done by various age groups, including teenagers, children, and even the elderly. The climbing route is quite easy, so most people don’t have difficulty reaching the top. If you go up via the Toya Bungkah route, the climb only takes 2 to 3 hours.

The distance traveled is also quite short, namely around 4.6 kilometers from the starting point to the peak. Then you can add a track when descending by going around the peak and following the main crater. With a trip like this, you will walk around 10.5 kilometers up and down.

Apart from that, if you choose this route, you have a choice of four sunrise viewpoints that you can use according to your abilities and those of your friends in the group. The options for viewing the sunrise are from the middle, from the 70% point, from the 80% point, and from the peak. Plus, during the trip, you will also see several local motorbike taxis that you can rent if you feel tired from climbing.

Is it safe to climb Mount Batur without a guide?

Climbing Mount Batur without a guide for professional climbers is very possible. However, for those of you who are beginners and those who don’t know the ins and outs of climbing this mountain, please think carefully before you decide without using a local tour guide.

The road to the top of Batur is not too difficult. You can find it easily even without a guide. If you are climbing in the dark, just look for a higher direction, and it will take you to the top. The hardest challenge is finding the starting point for the climb; you may even need extra time to look for it.

Mount Batur Trekking Experience

The experience of climbing Mount Batur will provide beautiful memories that we will probably cherish for the rest of our lives. The natural beauty that we will see when we reach the top will certainly be able to relieve fatigue after climbing. Plus, if we arrive at the top when the sunrise appears, it will refresh the eyes.

The good thing is that the climb starts at 03.00 in the morning, and after we climb for approximately 2 hours, we will arrive at the peak a few minutes before sunrise. When you are at the top, you can see Lake Batur and the peak of Mount Abang from a distance. Apart from that, if the weather is clear, you can also see Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani on the east side (behind Mount Abang).

After breakfast and watching the sunrise, it would be better if our journey continued by circling the peak and visiting the crater before finally returning to the starting point. You may also see some monkeys climbing to the top; they are quite tame, and we can invite some of them to take selfies. You can get all these exciting experiences in one package to climb Mount Batur.

Tips for climbing Mount Batur without a guide

For reasons of safety, comfort, and security while you are climbing, of course, we, as Mount Batur tour guide providers, recommend that you use an experienced climbing guide.

If you think that climbing a mountain is a difficult thing, we also provide other alternatives for visiting Mount Batur without climbing. That is by choosing the Mount Batur Jeep tour package. By using a jeep, you can climb Mount Batur to a height of 1560 meters above sea level. Apart from that, the tour can also be completed by visiting the black lava and black sand area at the foot of Mount Batur.

So what if you don’t like the two options above? You can also continue with the final option, namely climbing the mountain without a guide. Here are some important tips that you must understand before climbing without a guide:

  • Make sure all preparations are complete and thorough.

Even though many say that climbing Mount Batur is quite easy, ensuring complete preparation before climbing is mandatory. Understand what equipment and supplies you need. Apart from that, preparing yourself mentally before the climb begins is also something you should remember.

The equipment you must have is mountain shoes, a flashlight, a stick, a waterproof jacket, hand slops, and also a beanie hat. For food supplies, you may need to bring a small stove or thermos of hot water in case you need to make coffee or instant noodles. For your information, at the top, several stalls open every morning. At this shop, you can also buy hot water, coffee, and even instant noodles.

How about choosing a package from us? If you order a climbing package with breakfast at the top of Mount Batur, you no longer need to report to provide food and drinks. We have packaged everything in one package, which is affordable for you local tourists.

  • Bring friends who often climb Mount Batur.

When climbing, of course, we will feel safer if we are with people who are experienced in their field. Climbing Mount Batur will be even more fun if you invite friends and family to join you. By inviting them, you can share your complaints during the climb. In addition, if you climb alone, it will be full of risks. It could be that you get lost and don’t know who to ask for help if something undesirable happens.

So, if you are climbing without a guide, then take at least one person who has already climbed Mount Batur and knows quite a lot about Mount Batur. This is to avoid things that you don’t want.

  • Study Existing Hiking Trails

Knowing the climbing route is very important. Usually, all local guides already understand every existing climbing route. They also definitely know the ins and outs of the climbing route from start to finish. So if you climb with a Mount Batur guide, of course, you no longer need to be confused about which route to use.

What if you come without a local guide? So, here, you need to look for information regarding the various routes for climbing Mount Batur first. You can also ask friends or family who have climbed this mountain before.

  • Don’t ignore all the existing restrictions.

As with other mountains, of course, Mount Batur also has several restrictions that you should not violate. One of the most common taboos is that for women who are menstruating, it is better to postpone the climb and take another day afterward.

Apart from that, there are still more than 10 other taboos that you must understand. We will discuss the taboos of climbing Mount Batur in the next article.


Let’s be wise climbers without ignoring the rules according to the culture of the area where the mountain you are going to climb is located. Climbing a mountain without a guide will indeed save costs, but if you care more about the safety of yourself and your friends and family who will be joining you, then the cost of renting a guide is not expensive when compared to the experience we will get.

Now the decision is in your hands! If you want to climb without using a local guide, it’s a good idea to learn the four tips above first. However, if you need a guide, we at will be happy to provide our best service and prices. Thank you, and goodbye!